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Hilton JIT

Our methodology
is proven.

Just in Time

Hilton Manufacturing employs Just In Time, or Lean Manufacturing, methodology refined over our 5 decades of manufacturing experience. The advantages of our approach benefit our clients’ operation as whilst all their projects are unique, what is common to all is their requirements for speed to market and low cost of production. Hilton’s workflow methodology reduces flow times within production systems, as well as the response times from our suppliers.

The Hilton JIT methodology greatly improves our productivity ensuring cost competitiveness through reduction in inventory and labour costs, reduction in footprint and running costs and other key factors for successful operation in a global economy.

Many clients that have recently approached Hilton have been affected by the rising costs of manufacturing in China, as well as the delays experienced in moving product internationally and in clearing shipping ports. These clients have been pleasantly surprised at Hilton’s cost competitiveness and our speed of production and dispatch. These clients have come to rely on our ability to deliver.

Our customers are assured of the highest quality standard as Hilton are accredited to internationally recognised standards ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental and ISO 3834 – 2 Welding.

More than experts in precision sheet metal fabrication including mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium, Hilton’s manufacturing abilities extend to product sub- assemblies and full assemblies featuring a wide range of componentry and complexities, including electrical and electronics. We supply multiple recurrent products to a wide variety of clients in specially designed Hilton stillages to build deliver and reduce packaging and to integrate into our clients’ production systems. For a look at our diverse capabilities please view our case studies here.

If we can assist you with you next project, we would love to hear from you. Please contact our sales team here.



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