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Durabar bull bars and bumper bars have established themselves as a name synonymous with quality, safety and aesthetics. Durabar bull bars and bumper bars are a complex assembly of multiple components from a variety of tooling and manufacturing processes that may include extruding, rolling, bending, laser cutting, CNC router and all components are held together in a complex array of specialised jigs to ensure components are assembled and welded to the highest standard.

Precise design specifications and standards must be met along with the utmost accuracy for integration with the specific vehicle. Mounting points, tow and tie down points, lighting and electronics integration are just some of the details that must be allowed for. Hilton’s in-house engineering team undertake all product engineering design and product development. The use of finite element analysis (FEA) assists in the product development and testing process and predicts how the product will react to real world forces when in use, including vibration and impact. This process helps streamline the product development process and avoids the need for costly destructive testing in some cases.

Hilton is constantly extending our Durabar range to suit all popular truck models and to deliver outstanding products that perform to the highest of standard in some of the harshest conditions in Australia.


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