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A comprehensive
service offering
since 1976.


Hilton provides a complete product service, from inception to completion.

Project management, componentry procurement, engineering design & development, Advanced Stress Analysis (FEA), CAD modelling and detail drafting, tool design and development.

Prototype testing, steel and aluminium fabrication, tooling, laser cutting/profiling, CNC Router, press-brake bending, CNC tube bending, CNC Machining pierce and bursting, robotic MIG & TIG welding, powder coating line, painting, metal finishing/polishing, sub – assemblies.

Electrical, mechanical, and electronics integration and assembly, elastomer bonding, certifications, production QA testing, sign-off, wrapping and packaging, freight and shipping.

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Our assembly department offers the finishing touch in a white glove environment.
Rivetting – Nutserting – Huck bolting – Gluing – Capping – JIT packaging


Our TongTai BF1200 – 4 foot magazine barfeeder allows us greater flexibility with our machined parts, reducing piece cost and delivery lead time.


Our Two Multicam CNC routers, with a gantry clearance of 250mm allow us to process aluminium flat sheets and extrusions up to 6000x1800mm at high accuracy and speed.


Hilton’s laser cutting department consists of three state of the art CO2 laser machines, with cutting capabilities up to 25mm for Mild Steel, 20mm for Stainless and 12mm for aluminium.


Hilton’s Engineering Team provides high end services backed by years of experience and latest 3D CAD / CAM (SolidEdge) software ensuring timely, cost effective designs to suit your requirements.

Our in-house polishing department provides a high-end finish using the latest manual and automated techniques.


A full complement of 10 Hydraulic and mechanical presses ranging from 5 Tonne to 400 Tonne. We provide a maximum bed size of 2000x1500mm on our Yangli Hydraulic press. We also have the ability to coil feed up to 500mm wide on our 80 T and 160T Chin Fong presses.


Hilton Manufacturing operate a complete powder coating system which includes a Five Stage phosphate preparation line, quick change powder application booths and a drying oven stage. Within Hilton’s powder spraying facility, we have the equipment to recover and re-use any overspray powder.


Our 6 CNC press brake machines are equipped with Laser adaptive measuring systems, and quick hydraulic changeover setup, ensuring our results are accurate, repeatable for up to 4000mm bend lengths on most types of steel.


With 3 CNC Tube bending machines our capabilities range from 12.7mm (1/2″) up to 152mm (6″) Diameter.


Our 7 Muratec /Weideman CNC machines provide an accurate, flexible, and highly reliable service on a maximum sheet size of 3000x1500mm with a 25-metric ton punching capacity up to 6.35mm thick for Mild Steel and Aluminium.


With 10 robot welders on site complemented by 25 skilled welders, Hilton specialises in all forms of welding.
Mild Steel – MIG /
Aluminium – MIG / TIG
Stainless Steel – MIG / TIG
Brazing / Fluxing


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