Hilton Manufacturing prides itself on being an industry leader in Quality Assurance during all stages of design, manufacture and after sales support. As well as holding accredited certification to an ISO 9000 standard continually since 2000, Hilton Manufacturing has adopted a Worlds Best Practice approach to Quality Assurance.

We have implemented Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), which was developed within the world’s leading Automotive industries. As an industry forerunner for this type of Quality system within the Australian Trucking sector, we have been pivotal in working directly with our customer to ensure that not only are their products manufactured to the highest standard every time, but also work with them in the early design phase to build quality components from their very conception.

Our Quality Assurance department includes the latest co-ordinated measuring equipment and software to ensure our manufactured components and assemblies meet all customer design and specification requirements.

It’s these systems combined with a dedicated team that ensure our product is manufactured to your specifications and expectations.